You Don’t Have Secrets When You Have a Toddler

This pregnancy has been remarkably different to when I was pregnant with Jake. With Jake, I was tired, but not to the same extent I am this time.

With Jake, I had constant headaches, in fact, I remember going to the GP when I was 9 weeks pregnant asking if there was anything I could do to stop them.This time, I have had one or two really bad headaches, but that’s it.

With Jake, I had no sickness whatsoever. This time, it’s easier to count the days I haven’t been sick. It isn’t necessarily confined to the morning, it’s been at different times of day and night. The other week, 1am!

It’s not something I’ve hidden, in fact, even if I wanted to, I don’t think I’d be able to. Having to leave Jake’s breakfast on the side whilst running to the loo, hand over my mouth and telling hubby where Jake’s breakfast is, and emerging from the bathroom with red eyes isn’t really being subtle about it.

Yesterday, I was out with my friend and I had to pop to the baby change with Jake, which was in a disabled loo. It wasn’t the most pleasantly fragranced of places, and once the nappy was changed, I was sick. It wasn’t something I wanted to tell hubby about necessarily, nor was it that I wanted to hide it, I just didn’t bring it up in conversation.

Last night, we popped out to do a bit of shopping, and Jake was chattering away in the back of the car as usual and piped up with “Mummy sick, toilet!” I laughed because I’d actually forgotten about it, but hubby said “When were you sick?”

Like I said, it wasn’t that I wanted to hide it particularly, I just didn’t feel like I needed to bring it up (unlike my lunch). Jake however, disagreed.

It would appear that when you have a two-year old, you don’t have secrets.


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