My Body, My Baby, My Choice?

Apparently not. Not when it comes to the decision of where I have my baby.

The hospital I am being looked after at, has a very lovely birthing centre. Originally, when I was pregnant with Jake, that’s where I wanted to give birth, then we decided on a home birth, then I had a bleed at 35 weeks which put an end to anything like that, and I was only permitted to have a birth in the delivery suite, after being induced and being hooked up to monitors. It wasn’t a “bad” experience, it just wasn’t the experience I wanted.

This time, Neil and I chatted and we agreed that after seeing how down right messy childbirth is, we would opt for the birthing centre this time, and not go for a home birth, although, if I am totally honest with myself, I would still go for one if Neil weren’t so against it.

Fast forward to me seeing my consultant for the first time and asking her if the birthing centre was an option and I am met with an almost certain no. I’m told that because I don’t have a thyroid, it’s more than likely a no for me. So I left it and said no more, thinking that if all my tests come back clear that I would ask again.

So I did, and again am told “I wouldn’t like to say, but becuase of your thyroid…blah blah blah”.

Now, I know that I’ve had medical issues, but these are all dealt with now, and I am being tested every 4 weeks to check my thyroxine levels. My blood pressure is fine, my echo-cardiogram was fine, so if my GTT (gestational diabetes test) comes back fine and I continue to have a problem free pregnancy, then I don’t see what the problem is, especially when the midwife led birthing centre has an adjoining door to the delivery suite should any complications arise.

So I’m unable to choose to give birth in the birthing centre, but I am allowed to request a c-section? Am I the only person this doesn’t make sense to? Am I entitled to ask for a second opinion?


Competition – Blackpool Tower Dungeons

I haven’t been to Blackpool for years. I went a couple of times when I was younger with my parents, and saw the illuminations and went to the pleasure beach.

Not surprising to say that some new attractions have appeared since I was last there, and there are more things to do, one of which is that they now have their own Tower Dungeon which opened on 1st September.

Personally, I think a day in the dungeons sounds like great fun, with 10 actor led shows, a drop ride and a maze of horrors to mention a few of the many Blackpool attractions. A family day out which is educational, entertaining as well as great fun.

There is no age restriction, although young children might find it a bit scary, so it’s not recommended for children under 8.  Just another five and a half years before I can take Jake!

You have the chance to win a family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) to Blackpool Tower Dungeons.

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The prize is a family ticket to Blackpool Tower Dungeons, although it is also valid at Edinburgh, York or London.
The competition closes on Wednesday 30th November 2011 at 8pm.
The winner will be drawn at random from all valid entries.
The winner will be contacted that evening and asked to provide a postal address and contact telephone number within 48 hours or the winner will be re-drawn.
UK entrants only.
There is no cash alternative. 

How Will he Cope?

It’s quite scary to think I’m almost halfway through this pregnancy, and apart from prenatal vitamins, I’ve not bought a single thing.

I’m starting to worry about how Jake will cope with a new addition to the family. He is used to being the centre of attention and everything in his little world revolves around him. I keep talking to him about his baby brother, and if you ask him where the baby is, his reply is always “In Mummy’s tummy”. He’ll give the baby a kiss, and if he accidentally knocks my bump, he’ll say “Sorry baby” and give it a kiss.  But then, he also thinks he’s got a baby in his tummy, and hubby has a baby in his tummy too.

I worry that it will be a shock to the system for him and he won’t know how to deal with it. I don’t want him to be jealous or to think that we love him any less. I am planning to breastfeed and don’t know how he’ll cope with that.

There are lots of things I don’t know, and I don’t like it. I want someone to tell me it will all be okay and that Jake will love the new baby as much as we do.

I’m not close to my siblings, and I really want Jake and his brother to be best friends and to always be there for each other, but I imagine I’m not alone in that and that every mother wants their children to be close.

So, are there any wise words of wisdom from mummies with more than one child on how to prepare the older sibling for the arrival of the new one??

My Review of Scallywags – Merry Hill

I went shopping on Monday at Merry Hill. Jake had been so good, I thought he deserved a treat, and therefore decided to try the softplay centre there. I’d never been before, so thought it was worth a shot.

After paying and going through to the play area, my first thought was that it was dirty and smelly. And I was really surprised to see a sign saying that adults were’t allowed on the play equipment. It’s the only indoor play that I have been to where adults aren’t allowed on with their children.

Jake is tall for his age, and even he struggled to get up to the main bit. The only other bit available for smaller children is a ball pool. Hardly worth paying for if you ask me.

Jake then fell and hurt his thumb and was crying. He wouldn’t come out because he was in pain and just wanted a cuddle from his mum. There are obvious signs saying adults aren’t allowed on the equipment, but what am I to do? Just leave him there screaming? I went to get him, but they certainly make sure that parents can’t get to their children easily, especially given that I am 17 weeks pregnant. The gaps are tiny.

Would I go again? No. Would I recommend to friends? No.

There are much better indoor play centres for the same price which are a much more pleasant experience and don’t leave you feeling like you need a shower after you leave!

**I was not asked to review Scallywags, this is my own personal opinion and I feel I am doing a public service by writing this review. **

A Very Quick Catch-Up

Wow, it’s been a month since I posted. I blame the tiredness.

Want to see some scan pictures? That was our dating scan. I was measuring 5 days ahead of what we thought, so baby is now due on 8th April (Easter Sunday).

That was from a gender scan at 16 weeks. Can you tell what it is? It’s fairly obvious, but just in case: It’s a boy!

I was hoping that the general feeling of yuckiness would have passed me by, but no, 17 weeks in and I am still feeling rotten. I am tired beyond belief and I am still being sick occasionally. This week more so than the last few.

I’ve had an ECG and an Echo-cardiogram, both of which have come back fine, so I don’t have to be referred to yet another consultant.

So, although I’m a high risk pregnancy, I’m pleased to report that everything so far has been normal! Hurrah!