My Review of Scallywags – Merry Hill

I went shopping on Monday at Merry Hill. Jake had been so good, I thought he deserved a treat, and therefore decided to try the softplay centre there. I’d never been before, so thought it was worth a shot.

After paying and going through to the play area, my first thought was that it was dirty and smelly. And I was really surprised to see a sign saying that adults were’t allowed on the play equipment. It’s the only indoor play that I have been to where adults aren’t allowed on with their children.

Jake is tall for his age, and even he struggled to get up to the main bit. The only other bit available for smaller children is a ball pool. Hardly worth paying for if you ask me.

Jake then fell and hurt his thumb and was crying. He wouldn’t come out because he was in pain and just wanted a cuddle from his mum. There are obvious signs saying adults aren’t allowed on the equipment, but what am I to do? Just leave him there screaming? I went to get him, but they certainly make sure that parents can’t get to their children easily, especially given that I am 17 weeks pregnant. The gaps are tiny.

Would I go again? No. Would I recommend to friends? No.

There are much better indoor play centres for the same price which are a much more pleasant experience and don’t leave you feeling like you need a shower after you leave!

**I was not asked to review Scallywags, this is my own personal opinion and I feel I am doing a public service by writing this review. **


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