My Body, My Baby, My Choice?

Apparently not. Not when it comes to the decision of where I have my baby.

The hospital I am being looked after at, has a very lovely birthing centre. Originally, when I was pregnant with Jake, that’s where I wanted to give birth, then we decided on a home birth, then I had a bleed at 35 weeks which put an end to anything like that, and I was only permitted to have a birth in the delivery suite, after being induced and being hooked up to monitors. It wasn’t a “bad” experience, it just wasn’t the experience I wanted.

This time, Neil and I chatted and we agreed that after seeing how down right messy childbirth is, we would opt for the birthing centre this time, and not go for a home birth, although, if I am totally honest with myself, I would still go for one if Neil weren’t so against it.

Fast forward to me seeing my consultant for the first time and asking her if the birthing centre was an option and I am met with an almost certain no. I’m told that because I don’t have a thyroid, it’s more than likely a no for me. So I left it and said no more, thinking that if all my tests come back clear that I would ask again.

So I did, and again am told “I wouldn’t like to say, but becuase of your thyroid…blah blah blah”.

Now, I know that I’ve had medical issues, but these are all dealt with now, and I am being tested every 4 weeks to check my thyroxine levels. My blood pressure is fine, my echo-cardiogram was fine, so if my GTT (gestational diabetes test) comes back fine and I continue to have a problem free pregnancy, then I don’t see what the problem is, especially when the midwife led birthing centre has an adjoining door to the delivery suite should any complications arise.

So I’m unable to choose to give birth in the birthing centre, but I am allowed to request a c-section? Am I the only person this doesn’t make sense to? Am I entitled to ask for a second opinion?


2 thoughts on “My Body, My Baby, My Choice?

  1. Try asking to speak to the head of midwives at your hospital rather than consultant and see what they have to say.

    Midwife led units, even those attached to hospitals, are very risk averse, but in your case it does seem a bit batty.

    • I’ve got the name of the head midwife, so will speak to her if my consultant doesn’t budge.

      The thing, I could understand if the birthing centre was an ambulance ride away, but it’s not, there is an adjoining door, so they can get me there in 60 seconds should they need to.

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