What’s in a Name?

When I was pregnant with Jake, we kept it a surprise as to whether we were on team pink or blue. However, we knew what we were going to call the baby, boy or girl.

This time, we know we are on team blue,we have had 142 days since we had the 2 pink lines on a stick and we still haven’t decided on a name. All we have decided is that the name is to remain under wraps until he’s here. Not because we are trying to be secretive or awkward, but because we all know it’s a boy, so it’s nice to have something as a surprise, but also, just in case we change our minds. Which is a strong possibility.

It’s so hard. We had plenty of girls names sorted, but obviously we don’t need them.

Neil has vetoed a few name ideas that I have come up with, a few because he doesn’t agree with surnames as first names (e.g. Marshall, Harrison) and another because it’s the name of his old dog.

Baby boy is currently nameless. Just hoping some inspiration comes soon!