BlogCamp Meet and Greet

On 21st April this year, I am off to BlogCamp in Birmingham. Anyone who knows me or who is a regular reader will be thinking: “Hang on, isn’t she having a baby in April?” The answer would be yes. My due date is April 8th, and I shall be there with my newborn. So I won’t be looking as good as the picture above and may be looking frazzled, worn out, and any other words like that you can think of. If you see me rocking in a corner, please feel free to come over and have a cuddle of me and/or the baby.

Name: Roz

Blog: Life, Love and Lollipops

Twitter: @rozzibee

My Blog’s About: Pregnancy, parenting, life after cancer, reviews, general ramblings.

Likes: Books, social media, Corrie, baking, remission, afternoon tea.

Dislikes: Cliques, bananas, bad customer service, hospitals, bullies.

If you are going to BlogCamp this year then why don’t you do a meet and greet too, and add it to the linky?

See you there!


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