The Final Leg

I’m now 36 and a half weeks pregnant. Come Sunday, I will be considered full term, and don’t I know it.

I am really starting to struggle now. I’m feeling really uncomfortable, the kicks are painful, I’m tired even after 8 hours sleep, I’ve got almost constant heartburn. I’m just ready for him to make an appearance now.

Well, almost ready. I haven’t packed my hospital bag yet, but I have everything that I need to put in it. Just not together, and in various places in the house. But I am confident that if I went into labour then I could quite quickly get my things together. I keep thinking about packing it, but thinking is as far as it goes.

Some friends threw me and my other pregnant friend a joint baby shower at the weekend that was lovely. I had some people travel a long way to be there, so it was really nice to have them there. I was very spoilt and had some lovely things.

I have my final growth scan on Thursday, so I’m not sure who I see after that, whether I am still seen by the consultant, or whether I get discharged back to the midwife. I’m hoping midwife because it is such a pain going to the hospital all the time, and the waiting times are ridiculous.

Dear Baby Boy, please come soon, mummy wants to meet you!


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