The Fear

When I was pregnant with Jake, I had a bleed at 35 weeks, which in turn meant that they induced me at 40 weeks as they didn’t want me to go overdue. So I didn’t experience going into labour naturally. I was in hospital when everything happened, losing my plug, losing my waters etc. I guess I was lucky in the fact that they didn’t have to give me a drip, or break my waters for me, so it was quite natural for an induction, but I never had that build up.

This time, even though I had the scare, because it all turned out to be fine, they are waiting for me to go into labour naturally. Which is fantastic. But, at the same time, it does terrify me.

Anyone who has ever been pregnant can relate to this: You spend the first 20 weeks of your pregnancy on toilet paper watch, hoping not to see any blood. Then you spend the last 3 weeks back on toilet paper watch hoping to see some signs of a “show” so you know things are moving in the right direction.

I really don’t want to go overdue. We have family over from Canada who will be going home on 16th April (I am due on the 8th!) and I really want them to meet the new arrival before they go home. Plus, I am really uncomfortable and miserable and can’t bear to be like this for much longer. I love being pregnant until 36 weeks, then I just go down hill.

Going into labour naturally terrifies me. I hate not being in control and not knowing when it will happen. However, I know that I can’t cope with being hooked up to a machine throughout labour again, so I really don’t want to be induced.

So, if any of you know of any tried and tested ways of getting labour kick started, please share!



4 thoughts on “The Fear

  1. I have never been in natural labour so can’t help you. I know things like warm pineapple, raspberry tea, curries, sex, bouncing on the birthing ball are all supposed to help induce labour. Don’t know if they work or not. Good luck and can’t wait to hear about your baby boy xx

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