Collective Dairy UK Review

I was invited to try a new range of pro-biotic yoghurt from The Collective Dairy.
The Collective Dairy. Two chefs in New Zealand started the company, their aim to create an extraordinary yoghurt with an unbeatable taste. Within 10 months The Collective was the best selling gourmet yoghurt in New Zealand. So they decided to launch it in the UK.

In our house, we often take advantage of BOGOF offers of yoghurt’s as and when they are available in the supermarket, but then find we get bored of them and end up leaving them. But I was looking forward to trying these as the flavours sounded delicious. There are four flavours available: Passion Fruit, Russian Fudge, Cherry and Pomegranate and Luscious Lemon.

The Sainsbury’s I went to didn’t have the Luscious Lemon flavour, but I managed to get hold of the other three. Before I even tasted the yoghurt’s, I thought the packaging was really appealing.

The first one we tried was the Passion Fruit flavour. As soon as he tasted it, hubby said to me that it reminded him of Solero’s, and when I tried it, I had to agree. We both love Solero’s, so this went down a treat.

The next one we tried was the Cherry and Pomegranate flavour. I was a bit apprehensive about trying this one, as I’m usually not a fan of cherry flavoured things. It tends to remind me of cough medicine when I was a child. However, although this was my least favourite flavour, it’s not to say I disliked it. It was still yummy.

Finally, it was time to try the fudge, as I thought  this was the one I would like the most and I wanted to save the best for last. And in this case – I did! I have a sweet tooth anyway, so for me, this was indulgence!

The yoghurt is thick and creamy, and pretty downright delicious. They are made in Somerset using West Country Milk. The yoghurt base is slightly sweetened with honey which it what helps make it so scrummy.

You can buy Collective Dairy yoghurts from Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Selfridges for £2.39 for a 500g sharing pot. Or, for a chance to win one of 2000 pots, pay a visit to their facebook page.

*I was given vouchers to purchase the above flavours, but I have not been told what to write and all opinions remain my own (and my hubby’s who also tried them!)


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