Academy 4 Wellbeing

I have recently heard about the Academy 4 Wellbeing. Having recently given birth and wanting to lose the baby weight, I would absolutely love to do something like this.

The Academy 4 Wellbeing is a brand new weight-loss retreat designed to transform your life. In just a one week stay the Academy 4 Wellbeing will give guests the skills and knowledge to improve their entire wellbeing; from health and fitness, to nutrition and weight loss.  The Academy brings together leading experts from across the globe to create tailored programs for each individual. The Academy 4 Wellbeing will open for the first time in September 2012 at the picturesque Trentham Estate in rural Staffordshire. Prices start at £995 for a seven day stay.There is also the option to do a non-residential 7 day course.

Designed to be the antithesis of intimidating boot camps or strict weight-loss regimes, The Academy focuses on the individual; through education and empowerment. Each guest receives a unique and tailored programme which nurtures and supports them and is based on key principles of ‘the three pillars of wellbeing’; Emotional Health, Physical Health & Nutritional Health.

The Academy 4 Wellbeing gives access to the UK’s leading experts, offering advice and support.  With Directors for Physical, Emotional and Nutritional Wellbeing, as well as a Weight Specialist Consultant who was recently honored with the Queen’s Nurse Institute Award for services to nursing for her work on weight management, this experience will revolutionise attendees’ attitude towards food and exercise.

The Academy 4 Wellbeing will change attendees’ lives because…

  • It is not a quick fix solution. It gives attendees sustainability as well as the emotional, physical and nutritional tools to live a happier and healthier life.
  • It gives access to the leading UK and international wellbeing experts.
  • A supportive and empathetic approach is at the heart of the Academy.
  • The one week residential course ensures attendees get hour by hour education and support.
  • Healthy, calorie controlled gourmet cuisine is served throughout.
  • Puts attendees in a ‘real life setting’ with support from the Academy’s experts to equip them with the skills they will need when they return to their day-to-day lifestyle.
  • Courses are personalised to meet individual needs and requirements.

What makes the Academy 4 Wellbeing different?
It’s Founder and Chairman understands, more than most, what attendees are going through. Bob Bowers, a successful businessman, spent years working hard to build his business but at the expense of his health. The turning point was when he was diagnosed with diabetes due to his weight.  After searching for a weight loss retreat in the UK to no avail, Bob had to go to America for his treatment and support.  Bob is now a healthy weight, having turned his life and his health around.  Motivated to help others, Bob set up the Academy 4 Wellbeing with his son Daniel. 

Bob states: “The aim of the Academy is to help those wanting to improve their health and wellbeing. We are passionate about supporting each and every person who comes through our doors.  Our aim is to educate and empower them to lose weight and keep it off.”

I think this sounds wonderful, I just wish I had the money to spare to go there for a week. I really like the three pillars of wellbeing in that although exercise is an important aspect, that not all it’s about. A typical day at the Academy looks like this. Looks like it would be hard work, but I bet you would feel a real sense of achievement after doing it.

Fore more information, go to

Now to figure out how I can get myself there…


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