Jobsworth, Jobsworth, It’s more than me job’s worth…

We have been trying to move house for what feels like forever.

Our house went on the market in May of this year, and come August, we’d only had four viewings, so we decided to rent it out and move in with my in-laws while we found another house to buy.The boys and I moved in with them at the end of August and hubby, along with friends and family worked like dogs to get the house ready, we put all of our furniture into storage, we got the ball rolling on a house we wanted, only for the tenants to drop out on the day they were supposed to move in. Needless to say we weren’t impressed.

We went dual agent as the agents we were with weren’t in any particular hurry to get us a new tenant, and within a few days, the new agents found us a new tenant who moved in earlier this month! Phew!

But in between, we have been waiting. Waiting for everything to come together. But mostly waiting for people to do their jobs. Particularly a bank. I won’t name and shame on here, but if you are friends with me on Facebook, you will know. But we have been waiting for them to send us a letter confirming that we have consent to lease our old house out. Our new mortgage company won’t offer us a mortgage until they have seen that letter. It was posted to us on 18th October – second class.

It arrived yesterday, almost a week after it being posted , This irked me somewhat. This is really important to us, it’s not just a piece of paper, it’s our life, our new house. The new mortgage company would have cancelled our application if we hadn’t received it by tomorrow, therefore it would take even longer to get things done, yet all I kept being told was “It was posted on the 18th and we have to say 3-5 days”. Surely there are some things that are worthy of a first class stamp?

I am getting shirty voicemails from the sellers estate agents asking when it will all be ready as “they are quite eager to get this completed now you know.” Yes I know, and so am I. There is nothing more I could have done to get things moving any quicker.

Hopefully now the new mortgage compnay are in possesion of the letter they wanted, things can start moving along smoothly, and fingers crossed we will be in our new house by Chrsitmas.

But to all you jobswroths out there: Just remember, what to you is “just a piece of paper”, to someone else, it’s their life you are playing with!


BritMums Blog Carnival – Home

I put my name down over a year ago to host a blog carnival for BritMums, and finally, my turn is here!

I decided to go with the theme “home” as we are in the long, stressful process of moving house. At the moment we are waiting for our official mortgage offer before we can proceed further, but we are almost there. I thought the “home” theme might give me some ideas of what to do in my new house.

One of the things my new house needs is a new kitchen, so I’ve been sent some lovely recipe ideas to try out! Rebecca from Here Come the girls sent me this fantastic recipe for spider chocolate cupcakes, just in time for Halloween and they look really easy to make, so I might have to give them a go with Jake! Mari from Mari’s World sent me a recipe for Saffron Tea Bread that she makes for her girls for when they get in from school. I haven’t used saffron very much in the past, but I love the colour it gives off. Seems as though Jake and I are going to be busy in the kitchen…

We are renting our property out, and like Mummylish, our tenants dropped out on us at the last minute. Mummylish is renting her place out as furnished and has some lovely photo’s to show all the hard work that was put in to getting the place ready. I’d live there! I hope you get some new tenants soon, I know how stressful it can be.

Amanda from The Ana Mum Diary has shared a post with some lovely Autumn home trends including a gorgeous orange chair  (I’d love to have that in my bay window) as well as some feature wallpaper.

Maggy from Red Ted Art has sent me her post on how to make a pen holder with Washi Tape. I’ve never used Washi Tape, but this looks so simple to make, now I’m wondering what other things I could use it for!

On the craft theme, Kelly from Domestic Godesque has recently had a go at giving a cut glass bowl a new lease of life with some mod podge and spray paint. It looks brilliant.

Joanne, from Joanne the Coach has managed to get her hands on two cinema seats and they are now taking up residency in her living room, after an interesting journey getting them there. I prefer my popcorn sweet!

Donna from Parentonomy has sent me a post with seven survival tips for stay at home mums/dads. It makes for very interesting reading and I can definitely relate to some of them.

nyssapod has been busy decluttering toys with the help of some handy storage boxes. We have lots of these boxes and use them for clothes (winter/summer wardrobe) under our bed. We love ours.

Adele from Circus Queen has shared a wonderful post asking if love can make her tidy. I read this and I could have written it myself, although I don’t think I could have written is as well as she has. I vow to try to be more tidy in my new home too.

Helpful Mum has been decorating her son’s bedroom. It used to be pink, but no more! It now has a lovely space theme.

Jen is working on a dining room makeover. It sounds like exactly the kind of dining room we would love to have. I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

If there is one thing I’m not, it’s green fingered, however in my new house, I will have a bigger garden, and a front garden that has a flowerbed that I have no idea what to do with, and even if I knew what, I don’t know how. Cerys from Growing Green Fingered Kids has shared a lovely post about how to make Fairy Houses and Elf Homes. Such a nice idea.

Karen, from Bizzy Mum is currently having an extension built on her house, and they are in week seven. I can’t wait to see how it looks when it is finished.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a post for the carnival. I’ve really enjoyed reading them all.