NatWest #PigsByKids Competetion

This is an advertising promotion for NatWest

The NatWest pigs have been popular for over 20 years. Now with the pigs by kids competition, children (13 and younger) have the chance to make history by designing their very own new NatWest pig.

Approved piggies are posted in the gallery and kids get a personalised certificate. Plus, Harry Potter illustrator Cliff Wright will present three shortlisted children with a finished design of their creations. Then the winning design – the one with the most votes – will become the new face of NatWest savings and turned into a real piggy bank.

We were very kindly sent an amazing craft kit. This terrified me slightly, as I have never done any crafty stuff with Jake, as I’m not a very crafty person, art was never my strong point, but I embraced the challenge none the less!

I was really excited to go through the kit and see what we had been sent, and Jake loved the fact that we were going to make a piggy!

There were lots of different ways that we could have designed the pig, but we decided on modelling clay, after a very complex design process of course!

We have made our piggy, but it is stroll air drying at the moment, so we haven’t been able to paint it yet, but I will post a picture on Twitter once it’s finished so you can see. Search the #PigsByKids hashtag to see what some others have come up with.

Why not get your children to create their own piggy! It can be a drawing, a paper-mâché model, anything! All the pig needs is a name and a story (its likes, dislikes, hobbies, adventures and why it’s going to be good at representing NatWest).

T’s & C’s

  • The competition is open to children up to 13 years old
  • The winning design will become the new NatWest pig
  • Closing date for entries is 12pm on 11th November 2012
  • Terms & Conditions apply – see website for details

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