Today is the First Page…

“Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.”
― Brad Paisley

OK, technically today is the first day, being as it’s New Years Day and all, but I liked that quote.

2012 had it’s up and downs for us, but mostly ups. The biggest down was the massive scare when we thought my cancer was back towards the end of my pregnancy, but luckily, it was all fine. The ups? Moving into our lovely new house, closer to friends and family, but the biggest up of all was the safe arrival of my gorgeous Zack.

Me and my boys

2013 has a lot to live up to, but how it pans out is mostly down to me. So, I don’t usually make a list of my new years resolutions, other than a mental one, but this year, I think I will.

Here they are:


  • Lose weight
  • Get a part time job
  • Spend less time with people that are no good for me and make me feel “stabby”
  • Spend more time with people I enjoy being around
  • Make more of an effort to see friends who live far away
  • Take more photo’s of the boys (or at least get Neil to!)


  • Blog more often. Since moving house, I haven’t blogged, and I miss it
  • Write more openly. I am quite guarded about what I write sometimes and don’t blog about topics that I want to for fear of upsetting someone, even though I probably wouldn’t. Isn’t the whole point of a blog to be able to have an outlet?
  • Go self hosted
  • Go back to using twitter more
  • Add a blogroll
  • Read and comment on more blogs

So there we have it. The first post of 2013 with my goals for the year. I may not manage them all, but I will certainly give it  a good go!



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