Why I won’t be going back to Pizza Hut in a hurry!

We took a trip to our local Pizza Hut on New Years Day. We arrived, sat down and took our coats off. Zack was asleep in his car seat, so we left him that way, never wake a sleeping baby and all that. We ordered drinks, and while we were waiting for them to arrive, I nipped down to the loo.

I came back upstairs and had to do a double take. Zack was now awake in his car seat, with a tray, and two pint glasses (pints of pepsi and 7up I might add, not alcohol!) as well as the two pints of drink all over him. All over him, his car seat, his coat, Jake’s coat and our very expensive changing bag (which was a gift). All I can say is thank goodness they were cold drinks, and not boiling hot tea or coffee! What if the glass had smashed and cut him?

Neil told me that the waitress had brought the drinks over, but balanced the tray on the edge of the table. As she took mine and Jake’s drinks off, the tray toppled and landed on Zack. If the tray had been on the table properly, this wouldn’t have happened  If she’d used common sense, this wouldn’t have happened.

Zack’s car seat was soaked. The only thing they could offer was some blue tissue roll and a black bin bag. I haven’t dared put my changing bag through the wash yet for fear of ruining it. Zack had to go home with no coat and sat on a black bin liner in his car seat, which then had to be taken apart and washed (and as it’s so padded, it takes a day or two to dry!)

A different waitress came over to apologise. She said “Obviously we will take your drinks off the bill.” This was the point I may have gotten annoyed. “Excuse me? You’ll take the drinks off the bill? You’ve spilt drinks all over my son, his car seat, his coat, the changing bag, and you’ll take the drinks off the bill. I don’t think so.” “It wasn’t me, it was xxx” I know it wasn’t her personally, but at that moment, she was the person who was representing Pizza Hut. The manager came over a few minutes later and told us there would be no bill.

We could have gone mad. We could have ordered the biggest, most expensive things on the menu and had desserts and coffee and wine, but we didn’t. We ordered what we were going to have anyway.

I’ve always said that if there is a problem, and the problem gets sorted, then it’s no problem. But this was a bit more than that for me. Yes we got a free meal, but I would have rather paid and not had the inconvenience in the first place. A free meal doesn’t really cover the inconvenience of having two pints of drink spilt over your 9 month old son, to take him out into the cold with no coat, or not having a car seat for a few days, or being too worried to wash the Pepsi and 7up cocktail out of the changing bag by putting it in the washing machine for fear of ruining a gift that was bought for you.

All because the waitress didn’t use her common sense.

As my father in law says “The trouble with common sense is that it ain’t all that common.”

Isn’t that the truth!



I have spoken to the regional manager at Pizza Hut who has dealt with the matter. The agreement was that as the bag couldn’t b e dry cleaned according to the cleaning instructions, I would attempt to clean it on the understanding that if was damaged that they would replace the bag/provide me a cheque to buy a new one. Luckily, the bag came out ok after I washed it, so everyone is happy with that! I have also been provided with a gift card.


35 thoughts on “Why I won’t be going back to Pizza Hut in a hurry!

    • omg what a plonker! common sense is a myth. its too rare to be in any way common lol. poor zack getting drenched like that! they owe you a new changing bag and they should pay to get the carseat cleaned. the waitress who screwed up should have come over to apologise.

  1. that is disgusting customer service…especially as a baby was involved. at JL we would have given you a free bill and paid to dryclean/replace anything damaged ie the change bad/car seat. because the customer is always right. terrible hun.x

    • I should have thought on the spot. It’s just really frustrating. Some friends of ours clubbed together to buy the bag for us. And we agonised for ages to decide which one to buy. Funnily enough, we bought it from JL (John Lewis) x

  2. Thank goodness it wasn’t a hot drink! So glad zacks ok. What appalling customer service! We eat at Pizza Hut alot but will be thinking twice about going there again! Xx

  3. OMG THIS IS SHOCKING always had crap customer service in Pizza Hut but this is beyond the pail. never heard anything like it. hope you’v made an official complaint to head office. after reading this no way will i be stepping foot in Pizza Hut again x

  4. Awful! Thats not Customer Service, thats taking the P!
    Poor Zack, not exactly warm outside on New Years Day either! I’d be sending a nice long email to their head office.

  5. What an appalling response.. Good grief! Thank god your baby wasn’t injured. Think training on how to place drinks on a table are required as this is not what you expect when you go out. As you said atleast it wasn’t hot drinks. Xx

  6. And yes thank god it wasnt a hot drink. my nephew had a cup of tea spilt on him when he was a baby. he has been scarred for life (nasty burn on his arm). an enitre tray of drinks/hot food over a baby? doesnt bare thinking about.

  7. I know mistakes happen, but surely anyone with an ounce of common sense would never have put a tray of drinks near a baby at all! Hope you have a decent response from head office xx

  8. I think you have been very reasonable and not quite sure I would have been as nice as you. I don’t feel you got a proper apology and I would be writing a letter of complaint too. Poor Zack, and yes just a thank goodness they weren’t hot drinks. Common sense is something I’ve found few people have these days.

  9. I’d have been absolutely livid, and the pathetic offer of free drinks would have sent me over the edge! Pizza Hut should be paying for the cleaning or replacement of the car seat AND a replacement change bag!! Not to mention a few free meal vouchers! Doesn’t even bear thinking about if it had been hot drinks or hot food, what if the glass had smashed on your baby or had hit your baby in the face :/ …….. not good pizza hut, not good at all!

  10. disgusting ! need i say more, i think that just about sums it up. a 9 month old baby….. on a 9 MONTH OLD BABY ?! im disguted by how they have treated you. would they have accepted a free drink in the same situation?

  11. Lucky he wasn’t hurt, compensation seems silly what they should really have done is apologised, not charged for your meal, offered a first aider to check him over and said they would call later to check how the changing bag washed etc and go from there

    • Yes, I’m not expecting, nor want, hundreds of pounds of compensation, but reassurance that my changing bag would be replaced if washing it ruins it shouldn’t be too much to ask for. A problem isn’t a problem if it’s sorted out, but it hasn’t been yet x

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