A Postcard from #teamhonk in Ghana #goodwork

By now you will probably have heard about #teamhonk and their trip to Ghana to see the #goodwork that Comic Relief has done.

This year is Comic Relief’s 25th anniversary so three lovely mummy bloggers have gone to Ghana to see what wonderful things the money raised has achieved.

The postcard I have been sent is of a bakery (that was actually featured in the celebrity special of The Great British Bake Off).

This is a digital postcard sent from TeamHonk (www.mammasaurus.co.ukwww.aresidence.co.ukwww.mummybarrow.com) during their travels with Comic Relief in Ghana celebrating #goodwork.

For the past 25 years the money raised through Red Nose Day has been changing the lives of the poorest and most disadvantaged people in the UK and Africa. Let’s Keep Up the Good Work. Find out how at rednoseday.com

Bakery Project

For other digital postcards please do check out the linky on www.teamhonk.org


2 thoughts on “A Postcard from #teamhonk in Ghana #goodwork

  1. oooh there is me

    That baby in the sling was the most adorable little boy. And his mum was busy working away with him strapped to her back!

    Thanks for your post and for linking up

    Your support has been superb


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