Hair’s a Dilemma

 I am not known for ever being adventurous with my hair. My two styles are ponytail, or down. Unless it’s short, and then it’s flat, or spiky. And it hasn’t been short by choice for a year or two Before Cancer (BC). Occasionally I can go a bit mad with colour, but even then, it’s plum, or burgundy, or at my most adventurous, blue/black.

But Post Cancer (PC) I’ve not done anything. I’ve let it grow. And grow some more, and then a bit more. And now I’m bored.

So, dear readers, I am going to post some of my various hairstyles in the hope you will guide me. My hair appointment is booked for Sunday at 10am.



Short and spiky. Before cancer, before babies


Growing out the short and spiky

Four days after diagnosis, just before starting chemo, the day I decided to get my hair cut short in preparation for losing it


1 month post chemo


2 months post chemo, still looking puffy from the steroids

Around 7 months post chemo

Around 7 months post chemo


9 months post chemo


Around 10 months post chemo

11 months post chemo

11 months post chemo


Last night! 2.5 years post chemo

So I don’t really know what to do. I did love it short, but I’m not ready to go back there yet I don’t think. But I am bored with having it this long. I’m contemplating a fringe, but hubby says no.

What do you think?



2 thoughts on “Hair’s a Dilemma

  1. I like the hairstyle on the one with me in it, not because i’m in the photo tho obviously. A shaped and layered long bob effect would look lovely, would give you some volume too. Looks really pretty the length it is now though, maybe keep the length but put some chunky layers and red/copper lowlights in?x

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