Pregnancy FAQ

Since announcing pregnancy number 3, I find I’m being asked a lot of the same questions. Some of them I find, quite frankly, inappropriate.

I shall list some of the more frequently asked ones below, and I shall let you choose for yourself whether you class them as appropriate or not. 

  • Was it planned? No. 
  • Are you pleased? Yes
  • DId you want a third to try for a girl? No
  • Are you hoping it’s a girl? No. I’m hoping for a healthy baby.
  • But you want a girl don’t you? No. I’m hoping for a healthy baby.
  • But a girl would be nice wouldn’t it? Yes. But I’m hoping for a healthy baby. 
  • When are you due? Early August. 
  • You’re going to have your hands full, aren’t you? Yes. 
  • But what about your new job? I plan to take maternity leave and then go back. 
  • Where are you going to put it? In a cot most likely. 
  • But Neil works from home, doesn’t that mean they will have to share? Yes, probably.
  • Is it going to be your last? I don’t know. Zack was going to be our last. We might have a football team yet. 


Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head, but you get the general idea. We are pleased. We think it’s good news. Four years ago I got diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and didn’t know whether I’d still be here, so quite frankly, the fact that I am, and I’ve been lucky enough to have Zack, and now another baby, well, bring it on. 


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy FAQ

  1. Congratulations! I’m sorry that people feel the need to ask inappropriate questions. I too get asked inappropriate questions when I tell people of my decision NOT to have children. It seems you can’t win either way!

  2. Oh I hear ya! Apparently having more than two children means people can say whatever comes into their narrow little minds. Highly annoying. I’m looking forward to the reactions to numbers 4 and 5, if all goes to plan!

    Enjoy your pregnancy and stick your fingers in your ears when with the ignorant! Best of luck, Lx

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