The One Where I Get Excited

I am now 36+3. Almost full term!

36 week bump

Yesterday was my 36 week growth scan and consultant appointment. When I saw her for the first time, she told me that if everything was well at my 36 week appointment, I could be discharged back to midwife led care. It was when she said this I started toying with the idea of homebirth providing baby was okay.

Well, Neil, Zack and I went to the hospital yesterday and first thing was to go for the scan. At my last scan baby was plotting just below the 50th centile, and is now plotting just above the 90th. Either one of the scans was wrong or baby has had a major growth spurt. If this scan is to be believed then baby is already weighing about 7lbs. However, when I was having growth scans with Zack, they told me he was going to be 8.5-9lb. He was 7lb 4oz.

After the scan we saw the midwife who checked my blood pressure which was a lovely 104/64, and checked my urine which was fine.

Then it was in to see the consultant. She said she was happy to discharge me back to midwife led care. She asked if I was having the baby at hospital and I said I was hoping for a home birth. I was hoping she wasn’t going to bring it up because I was worried she wouldn’t agree. I was wrong.

The consultant is fully supportive of my home birth, as long as if there is a need that I will transfer to hospital, which of course I said yes to, I’m not going to risk the health of me or my baby.

I actually felt a little bit bad that I was so happy to be discharged, but I walked out of that room with the biggest cheshire cat grin on my face and a spring in my step, whilst high fiving the hubby and Zack.

Ultimately we were going to have a home birth anyway, but it would have been a visit from the Supervisor of Midwives to explain all the risks to me and try and talk me out of it. The fact that I don’t need to go through that makes me so, so happy.

So today the midwife has delivered my home birth pack with three full canisters of Entonox and, tomorrow my birth pool is being delivered. And as the clock strikes midnight on 14th July, the midwives will be on call for me to have my home birth.

Home birth kit

We still have a few things to sort out, and I need to move some things around in my living room to make space for the pool, I think I’m going to attempt that this weekend, Neil and his dad are working on getting some taps fitted so that I can connect the hose, and we are hopeful that it will be done on Monday.

Hang on baby, we aren’t ready just quite yet, but we are looking forward to meeting you!


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