I am 38+4 and really not coping with the heat. Any other year I would be soaking up the rays and rolling my eyes at anyone that complained, but, alas, this year I am a complainer. 

38 week bump

38 week bump

I am now not booked in to see the midwife until August 6th which is after my due date. This week I had +1 ketones in my water, but I know that is because the day before I didn’t eat nearly enough, so I got a bit of a telling off, but they weren’t worried. 

Home birth is still all go. I have all the stuff (although I need to lay my hands on some poly dust sheets we bought the other week), my “go bag” is nearly all ready, my play list is ready, all we are doing now is waiting. I must admit I was hoping to have given birth by now, but baby seems quite comfy and isn’t even engaged yet. The midwife assures me this is normal for a third baby and the head might not even engage until labour starts so it’s nothing to worry about. I’ve had no contractions, I’ve had no “bloody show” and my waters have not broken. I’m uncomfortable and struggling to sleep, which is no fun. 


But seeing as baby isn’t here yet, I am hoping labour holds off until Monday/Tuesday as the lovely Jay from Jay Emme Photography isn’t around this weekend, and we are hoping that she is able to make it (we’ve got a stock of bacon in the fridge and everything!), and my usual midwife is back from holiday on Tuesday so she may be able to attend if she’s back.

Although, now I’ve said that, baby will no doubt arrive tomorrow. 

The next time I post, might end up being a birth announcement! One can only hope!


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