Daddy, I’m a Zombie DVD Review

Jake and I were sent a copy of Daddy I’m a Zombie to review from Lionsgate. Jake is a film buff and would spend all day watching DVD’s if he were allowed to. He loves things like Ice Age and Toy Story, and this was something a bit different.

Dixie is a rebellious teenager who always wanted to be different. You should be careful what you wish for, because something was about to happen that would change her life forever! One night during a ferocious storm, Dixie is knocked unconscious and awakens to find she has been transformed into a zombie!

Accompanied by her new friends Vitriol, the wise zombie sage, Isis, a highly superstitious Egyptian mummy princess, and Gonner, a pirate cabin boy, Dixie must now travel across the land of Azoth and defeat the evil zombie witch, Nubulosa, to find her way home!

The film is rated PG, so I stayed with Jake while he watched it, but he was glued to the screen and seemed to really enjoy it. He has watched it a couple of times since and isn’t scared by it and I’m certainly not worried about him watching it.


The DVD is 79 minutes long and is available from all good stockists for around £6.99

*We were sent the DVD for review purposes, but have received no other compensation and all views are our own


Poppy Cat Birthday Treasure and Other Adventures Review

On Monday September 3rd, Poppy Cat Birthday Treasure and Other Adventures was released, and Jake was very kindly sent a copy to review.

Poppy Cat is on Nick Jnr and CITV but I had never heard of it, but seeing as Jake loves cats (he has been pretending to be one for the last two weeks!) I thought it would be something he’d enjoy.

The disc has eleven episodes, each lasting eleven minutes, so it is good for youngsters who are far too busy to sit down for very long, and perfect if you just want to be able to put a quick programme on for them as bribery!

Jake loved it and kept asking to watch “Orange Cat” even though when the theme tune is playing, he says “Poppy Cat”. The characters go on adventures in the episodes and there is lots of make believe (in fact, it was a few days after he watched Poppy Cat for the first time that he started to pretend to be a cat!)

You might find that you recognise Poppy Cat’s voice. That is because the voice belongs to Joanna Page (Stacey from Gavin and Stacey).

This bumper Poppy Cat DVD also offers something extra special for all of the family. The adventurous orange cat herself has teamed up with Chessington World of Adventures Resort. With any DVD purchase, families will receive a buy one get one freevoucher into the Park.

Title: Poppy Cat – Birthday Treasure and Other Adventures
Distributor: Lionsgate
Release Date:3rd September 2012
RRP: £12.99
Running Time: 121 mins (11 episodes)
Format: DVD

*we were sent a copy of the DVD to review, but no other payment has been received and I have not been told what to write.

Jingle Puzzles Review & Giveaway

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog front recently as we have been a bit busy on the house front – that’s for another day though! So I thought I would come back with a review.

I used to hate going to playgroup with Jake, because at the end, we all went to sit in a circle and sing songs, he never wanted to participate and I used to feel  myself get really embarrassed  Then he got used to it, and liked joining in, even more so when he started preschool. So when I was offered this to review, I jumped at the opportunity.

Music For Kids™ has its first Music For Kids product available In July this year. This
pre-school range of four new, music-based puzzle and activity lines are an
introduction to music for toddlers and pre-schoolers. The music activity sets
retail for £9.99 and contain a metre long floor jigsaw puzzle of music notes,
a sing along CD with a bonus story and an activity booklet & stickers. Jingle
Puzzles are carefully crafted to engage 3 to 6 year olds with their first ‘hands-
on’ introduction to music.

I was impressed with the box it came in as it’s handy to keep all the bits together. Jake was quite excited to open it and see what was inside, he especially liked the stickers! I was pleased that the words were included, as it was a song I’d never heard before, but I chose it as it was frogs, and Jake likes frogs (especially imaginary ones that seem to appear in his bed!).

The jigsaw was good, big enough but not too big, and the CD had lots of children’s songs on with a story at the end.

This would make a lovely birthday present if you are stuck for ideas of what to buy little friends, but you might not get away with giving it away if your child claps eyes on it!

I have an Old MacDonald Had A Farm Jingle Puzzle to give away.

To be in with a chance of winning, leave me a comment telling me what your childs favourite song is.

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Leave a separate comment for each extra entry.

Competition closes at 10pm on Saturday 8th September. Winner will be drawn at random and notified. UK entrants only.

*We were sent a Jingle Puzzles to review, but I have received no other payment and all thoughts are my own*

The winner as selected by is Esther James

Tommee Tippee – Closer to Nature Bottle Review

Zack and I were sent some bottles from Tommee Tippee to review. As you may remember from a previous post, Zack is now combine fed due to poor weight gain, so I was more than happy to receive these.

As Zack is on 4oz feeds at the moment, the size of these bottles (150ml) are ideal and fit nicely in the bottle pocket of his changing bag.

The shape of them makes them feel comfortable to hold and you can hold them in three different ways: cradled comfortably in the hand, gripped in the same way as a traditional wide neck bottle, or held from the base.

The bottles have been designed in conjunction with breastfeeding experts to mimic the natural flex, movement and softness of a mum’s breast, to make switching between breast and bottle easier. Now, obviously, I don’t know if it does, not being able to remember back to when I was a baby, but I do know that Zack has taken really well to the bottles and hasn’t ever refused, and he also still latches on well to me, so there hasn’t been any confusion.

There is an anti-colic valve in the teat which lets air in from the outside, so that he doesn’t have to keep stopping to let air back in, which is great, because he REALLY doesn’t like his bottle being taken away from him!

I was sent the slow flow teats, but have also bought the new Variflow teat which is brilliant. It has been designed to let babies control the flow of their milk just by using their own sucking strength. It has a cross cut into the tip as well as a hole.The stronger the baby’s sucking action the wider the cross opens and the faster the milk flows. That means you can just buy one set of teats at the beginning and shouldn’t need any more.

I really like the Tommee Tippee products, and will continue to use them as Zack gets older (sippy cups etc.) as we did with Jake.

*I was sent two bottles and slow flow teats to review. I was not sent the Variflow teats, I purchased them myself. I have received no other compensation and all view are my own*


John Crane Press Day

I was invited to a press day at John Crane Toys to have a nose around their swanky new premises and also to look at some of their beautiful toys.

Jake wasn’t allowed to come (and on walking in I could see why – LOTS of temptation to play with!), so Zack and I took a field trip to Northampton.

When I walked in I was taken aback with all the gorgeous wooden toys. It’s not very often you get to see the traditional toys, but the showroom was full of them.

The frst thing I was drawn to was this Fire Station.  Jake’s Granddad was a fireman for many years, so we are automatically drawn to Fire Engines etc.

Key Features:

  • Durable wooden material
  • Bright coloured wooden furniture
  • Opens up to allow more creative play
  • Fireman’s pole and ramp included
  • Double door opens for fire engine to enter

Fire Station and Accessories – Pintoy

The set includes:

  • 1 Fire Station
  • 4 Lockers
  • 1 Control Console
  • 1 Swivel Chair
  • Satellite Dish
  • 1 Bunk Bed
  • 1 Round Table
  • 2 Chairs
  • 1 Shelf Unit

So of course, if I like the Fire Station, I would also want the Fire Engine that goes with it.

Key Features:

  • Brightly coloured  and safe
  • Durable wooden material and rope
  • Extendable and detachable ladder
  • Detachable lids encourages creative play
  • Tremendous detailing

Fire Engine – Pintoy

It also comes with:

  • 2 Ladders
  • 1 Fire Hoses with Nozzle
  • 2 Connecting Hoses

And then obviously the Firemen to go with it!

Key Features:

  • Durable wooden material
  • Incredible detailing
  • Moveable characters
  • Holes in hands to attach extras

Fire-fighters and Accessories – Pintoy

Also Included:

  • 1 Captin
  • 1 Fire Extinguisher
  • 3 Fire Fighter
  • 2 Axes
  • 2 Walkie Talkies
  • 1 Breathing Apparatus
  • 1 Megaphone

There was a train set which was lovely. You could make your own little town out of it. It comes in a 50 piece set, or you can buy the 100 piece set. The Key Features of the 100 piece set:

  • Durable wooden material
  • Multi configuration set
  • Interlocking track pieces plus train, carriages, buildings, bridges, trees and people
  • Compatible with other popular wooden train sets

Wooden Train Set – Tidlo

This product comes in a sturdy box with the following items:

  • Two trains
  • Six trailers
  • 42 track pieces
  • 12 trees/bushes
  • 18 buildings/roofs
  • Ten track accessories such as traffic lights
  • Ten people/animals

I loved these bags. Ideal for when younger ones start nursery/school as they are quite unusual so they know it’s theirs. It is also wipe-clean with a draw string fastener.

Kitbag – Lilliputiens

It was a lovely day, and a chance to meet some other lovely ladies: Clare from Emmys Mummy, who is blooming with pregnancy! Laura from The Life and Times of the Working Mum, who went back to work last week after maternity leave, and Leta from Attachment Mummy who had her gorgeous baby girl with her. It was lovely to meet you all, and thank you to John Crane for inviting us!

Stage Two Sleeping – the new phase in a toddler’s sleeping habits

It’s wonderful to tuck your newborn up in a sleeping bag, safe in the knowledge they are in the right Tog for the season and won’t lose their covers in the night.  But when your child gets to the toddler stage they start to want a little more independence in the day – and night.

This stage in your child’s sleep journey means that the traditional baby sleeping bags are no longer suitable – and can even be dangerous if your child tries to get out of bed in the night.  But often the child is not old enough to ensure they stay snug under a duvet or cover, so this phase can often result in a disturbed night’s sleep.  Mum of two and Director of dreamgenii® Vanessa Blake recognised this new requirement and created the Twinkle Tog – a new sleeping bag with legs for toddlers. Vanessa is passionate about raising the profile of stage two sleeping   She says; “There is a point in your child’s life when they don’t want to be cocooned in a sleeping bag anymore and want to free to move around more easily but still can’t quite ensure they stay under their duvet all night.  We have created a new type of sleeping bag that is safe, secure and suitably warm, whilst giving the freedom of movement your toddler needs.”

Here Vanessa shares her top tips on toddlers reaching stage two sleeping.

Is your child a Stage Two sleeper yet?

Ø  Is she walking around easily?

Ø  Is she striving for independence and to do things for herself?

Ø  Have you moved her in out of her cot-bed and in to a toddler or single bed?

Ø  Does she move around her bed a lot in the night?

Ø  Does she like to come in to your bedroom when she wakes up?

If you answer yes to most of these questions then your child is more than likely they have reached the next milestone and ready to embark on stage two sleeping. Firstly, it’s important to recognise this as an achievement so praise your little one and let them know their new sleeping habit is down to them growing and developing.

Each child will react differently but if you are putting your child in to a new bed, they might find this slightly daunting so again ensure you encourage them. If you can, put the new bed where the cot used to be as this will act as a reassurance to your child. Sometimes we can change from cot to bed slightly earlier so don’t get rid of your cot straight away, it may be that your child needs a bit of time for the adjustment.

Some top tips for adjusting your child to their new sleep situation

1.    Try to keep to your normal routine so feed, bath, story, bed, this will help them feel relaxed and comfortable.

2.    Let your toddler have time to settle.

3.    Some toddlers settle better if you keep things quiet in the evenings, while others are better if you keep natural house noises going, as it’s reassuring to know you’re nearby so try to keep to whatever you gave been doing.

4.    A small night light could come in handy so if they get up in the night they can see where they are going and not trip.

5.    If your toddler keeps getting up after you’ve put them to bed, try to be firm so they realised they can’t take advantage of their new found freedom. A safety gate on their bedroom door is always advised specially if you have stairs or a bathroom on the same floor.

Natalie Hayhurst, mum of Freya 21 months, has been testing out the new Twinkle Tog and says; “As soon as I put Freyja in a toddler bed, I knew the sleeping bag we’d previously been using was no longer suitable.  We bought her small 4 tog duvet but she moved around too much and kept waking up in the night from cold.  So when I discovered the Twinkle Tog, I knew it would be perfect for her. She has the freedom she needs whilst staying warm – and I’m delighted that she is back to sleeping well!”


The dreamgenii® Twinkle Tog costs £29.99 and comes in four different designs; Circus Spot, Sweet Sheep and Twinkle Star in pink and blue and comes in 1Tog or 2.5Tog so suitable for your toddler, whatever the season. For more details log on to

I was sent a Twinkle Tog for Jake to try, and although he is a bit big for it now,I still managed to put it on him. He seemed to like having it on, although as it was a bit on the tight side for him (it was aged 1-2 and he is just 3), I didn’t let him sleep in it.

It is well made and it looks nice. It is elasticated round the ankles, so even if they toss, turn and wriggle, it shouldn’t ride up to leave them with cold legs. It has a zip fastening, so nice and easy to use.

As soon as Zack is on his feet, I will be using it for him!

*I was sent the product to review, but have received no other payment

The Pretty Company Gownie Review

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I was sent a Gownie™ by The Pretty Company to review.  I’d spotted the Gownies™ before I was even pregnant and thought they were a brilliant idea, so jumped at the chance to review one.

Gownies™ are specially designed for breastfeeding and skin to skin contact in those all important hours after giving birth.

“Gownies™ give you total flexibility, wear them forwards, backwards, two at a time one front and one back – yes its been done! For labour, as a quick throw on after the birth pool, for receiving visitors, Gownies™, maternity wear/birthwear is such a success because it makes you feel less exposed, more confident in a tricky situation, individual and well covered.”

I had intended to wear my Gownie™ for the actual birth, but as you can see from my birth story I didn’t have time to get changed when I was in the hospital, but still, determined to wear my Gownie™, I changed into it after giving birth and after I had my shower. The student midwife who was with me commented on it and said how lovely it was and how it was a really good idea.


Hospital gowns are so unflattering, but the Gownie™ is pretty, made from cotton and has a satin trim,  and keeps you covered up as instead of ties,  there are press studs all down the back, so there is no gaping. There are also press studs at the front to allow you to have skin to skin and breastfeed. I was wearing it when my in-laws came to visit, and didn’t feel like I was exposed at all.

There are two sizes available for you to choose from based on your pre-pregnancy size, so you are guaranteed to be comfortable and there are plenty of designs to choose from.

If you aren’t sure what to wear when giving birth or for the stay in hospital afterwards, then you should definitely give a Gownie™ a try.

Gownies™ start at £29.99 and are available to buy on their website.

*I was not paid to write this post, however I was provided with a Gownie™ to review, but I have not been told what to write and all opinions are my own.