My Distraction

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog front recently. You could say I’ve had a bit of a distraction.

Zack was born on Sunday 1st April 2012 at 10.10am weighing 3.3kg (7lb 4oz according to the weight converter in his red book, 7lb 5oz according to the midwife who delivered him).

It turns out that my fear was completely unwarranted as my birth experience was completely different to when I had Jake and it was all over very quickly.

On the Friday, I posted a Facebook status that went like this: “Dear Baby Boy, I hereby give you your eviction notice. I would like you out by the end of this weekend. Pretty please? Love Mummy

My waters started going around noon at home on the Saturday, after I had been for a swim in the morning. At least I hoped they were my waters, at one point, I was worried I might have just become incontinent. I wasn’t contracting, and we had plans for the afternoon (we were seeing a financial advisor and then viewing a house), so we just carried on with our day as normal. The lady showing us around the house looked a bit panicked when she realised I was 39 weeks pregnant, so I thought it best not to tell her just how imminent the arrival was.

Once we’d viewed the house and were on the way home, I called the hospital to tell them that my waters had gone but I wasn’t contracting, half expecting them to tell me not to bother going in until the contractions started. I was wrong. They told me to go in to be checked over. So I called my mother in law, and arranged for her to come and collect Jake, as things would definitely be happening one way or another that weekend.

I got to the hospital and was hooked up to a CTG machine for an hour before the midwife examined me. I had to stand up and take my “bottom things” off. At which point more water gushed out all over the triage room floor. I. Was. MORTIFIED. I know that kind of thing happens every day for them, but it doesn’t for me and I was so embarrassed.

The midwife confirmed that it was in fact, my waters, and that I was to go home and see if contractions started overnight, but if not, I was booked for induction at noon the next day. We went home and hoped we could at least get some sleep before things started happening.

I woke up about 4am to go to the loo, and was disappointed that I still wasn’t contracting. I went back to bed and fell asleep. About 5.15am I woke again with period type pains. I got the contraction timer on my phone out and saw that they were about every 3 minutes but only lasting around 30 seconds. I called the hospital about an hour later  and they told me to potter at home for some hours as my contractions were only lasting 30 seconds, chances are that labour would possibly peter out. I was to call back when the pain became unbearable or the contractions were lasting a minute.

Neil attached my TENS machine to me at about 830am and brought me a glass of milk and a buttered hot cross bun. By 9am, my contractions were every 90 seconds to 2 minutes but still only lasting 45 seconds, however the pain was getting worse so I called the hospital again. They told me to go in to be checked over. We weren’t in any particular hurry, Neil finished his cup of tea, we made sure we had everything we needed, we wrote a note to the next door neighbour and left her my keys so she could let the dogs out for us, and eventually went on our way.

We parked in the multi-storey car park and walked to the hospital. I was stopping every few minutes to let the contractions finish. When we got to the main entrance, a security guard came over while I was in the middle of a contraction to ask if I wanted a wheelchair. Neil replied with “No, she’s fine, thank you” and made me walk to triage. When we got there, they made me go and do a urine sample. I had at least 2 contractions while I was in the bathroom, I had Neil knocking on the door asking if I was OK as he had visions of me giving birth on the loo. The midwife took me into the same room I was in the night before and spent a minute or two putting details on the computer and was about to hook me up to the CTG machine when I said “I feel like I need to poo”. She then examined me and told me I was already 9cm dilated and went off to call delivery suite to find out which room they wanted me in.

She came back and I was wheeled to delivery suite. As I got off the one bed and was about to climb on to the other, I felt the urge to push and was swiftly told by the midwife I was not to push until I was on the other bed. I got on, and asked for some gas and air. One of the midwives told me to push if I needed to, so I did. I felt like he was crowning, but they didn’t notice, so they told me to push again. I did. I felt it, but I also heard them say “Oooh the head’s out” (they hadn’t even finished getting their gloves on at this point), one more push and he was out. No cuts, no tears, no stitches.

We were so prepared. We were ready for the long haul, we had snacks, books, iPods, a portable iPod dock, a birth plan, and we needed none of it.

I arrived in traige at 9.45am, Zack was born at 10.10am. I couldn’t have planned it better than this.

Well done if you got to the end of this post. I realise it’s long and a bit rambly. However, as a reward for those of you that did, here’s a photo I love of my two gorgeous boys.