I am a proud mum. I think my boys are brilliant and I am always proud of them.

Today, Jake made me even more proud than usual.

As you know  we have recently moved house. Jake was settled into a nursery about 30 minutes from where we are now, and we really didn’t want to move him. He loved it there, and even had a little romance going on with a little girl.  We tried it for a few weeks, but with the rush hour traffic, it was taking 45 minutes to get him there, and so we decided to start looking for another nursery.

We decided on one next door to the school we are hoping he will get into. Before Christmas, he spent an hour there on two separate occasions and seemed to get on well enough.

I’m been telling him that he will be going to a new school, so I think it had sunk in. Today is his first day. I woke him up this morning and said “Do you know what day it is today?” He said “Is it school time?” I told him it was and he was really excited. I have to admit, I was worried for him. I thought I would take him there and he would flip out because it wasn’t the place he was used to.

I was wrong. He waltzed in, found a peg (albeit the wrong one) and put his bag on it. Turned to me and said “Bye Mommy, see you later” as if he’d been there a hundred times before.

That boy makes me proud to be his Mum  🙂