Emma Dewson doesn’t blog here….

One of the things I like about wordpress (and it may well be the same for other blogging platforms, I don’t know) is that I can see what people have searched for to bring them to my blog.

Today, I have had someone search for “female gruffalo”. Random.

But I always get a little freaked out when someone types in a name of someone and it brings them to my blog. It’s happened once or twice, but this week alone, four searches have been done for “Emma Dewson”, eight in the last quarter.

Emma Dewson comments
Emma Dewson weightloss facebook
Emma Dewson slimming world facebook
Emma Dewson diet facebook
Emma Dewson weightloss profile
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To whoever it is that is trying to find anything out about Emma, I’m sorry to disappoint you. This isn’t Emma’s blog. It’s mine. It’s about me. My weight, my diet, my photo’s, my boys, my family, my life. Me, me me!

Thanks for your interest in this blog, but if it’s Emma you’re interested in, you’re in the wrong place. And I’m actually quite concerned about your level of interest in her. Perhaps if you don’t know these things about Emma, it’s because she doesn’t want you to?

If you’d like to comment and tell me why the obsession, I’d be interested to know.

****EDIT TO ADD – Since posting this blog, she has been searched for again. This time “Emma Dewson loose a stone comment”  I’m watching you. And for the record? It’s lose, not loose.