A Working Mum

That’s what I now am. One of the reasons the blog has been neglected is that I have recently started temping. I was struggling to get a part time job – I think the fact that I had a blank CV for the last four years puts people off – so I went into a temping agency and had some work 48 hours later.

It’s been a shock to the system. My parents have been fantastic in helping look after the boys so I can go to work, and it’s been hard leaving them. Especially this week where I have been working a 6 day week (Sunday at a car dealership, Mon-Fri at a Letting’s Agency) and the same again next week.

I’m tired. And my feet hurt, I’m not used to wearing office type shoes and I have blisters! Although I have enjoyed it, I will be glad when my second full week is over and we go to Cornwall for our holiday, and I can spend some time with my boys, as I am worried they will forget me.

It’s definitely made me realise that when they boys are this small, I don’t want to work full time, but I am hoping that now I have this recent work on my CV that I will be more employable to get a permanent part time job, and even though full time isn’t something I would consider now, I will probably change my mind when both boys are in school full time.