35 Weeks

I am now 35+1 weeks pregnant. I’m not really sure where the time has gone, it’s whizzing past, and I could quite possibly have my baby as in little as 2 weeks. This terrifies me more than a little bit!

I had my 34 week midwife appointment last week and all was well. I had bloods taken for thyroxine levels and full blood count (they like to check your iron levels towards the end if you are having a home birth). My midwife is booked in to come and see my on July 10th to deliver my homebirth pack, and I will get a call next week from Water Baby Birthing Pool Hire to confirm delivery of my chosen pool.

I’m taking Raspberry Leaf tablets in earnest and have started taking one Oil of Evening Primrose tablet in the morning, which I will increase at 37 weeks.

So how am I feeling at 35 weeks?

Huge (I think the words hubby used were along the lines of “freaking enormous”). Uncomfortable. Fed up of heartburn. Tired. I keep getting cramp when I’m in bed, and I’ve come down with a horrible cough, that along with loo trips in the middle of the night mean I’m not sleeping much.

Jake is getting excited. He’s telling the teachers what we are having and what name we are toying with. I say toying with. I mean name that Neil and Jake have chosen and that I’m not completely sold on yet.

I have my final growth scan next week, and all being well I should be completely discharged from the consultant which will be fantastic.

So it’s all go at the moment.

I shall leave you with a bump picture taken on Thursday (34+3) on our 8th Wedding Anniversary.



The One Where I Talk More About Homebirth

So I’ve mentioned before that I want a homebirth this time, and unless there is a problem with baby, I am fighting for it.

Home Births aren’t for everyone, and I totally understand and respect that. And likewise, I expect my choice for a homebirth to be respected, and mostly it has. I think it helps that recently on the news, there was a big push about home births and how more people should have them.

So, why am I so determined to have a home birth this time?

Our local hospital doesn’t have a birthing centre, otherwise I would have perhaps opted for that. I am having a straightforward pregnancy with no complications. My consultant is fairly laid back and is only seeing me three times throughout the whole pregnancy.

At home I am guaranteed a pool. I’ve never had a water birth but it’s something I really want. At the hospital I *might* be able to have a water birth *if* someone else isn’t using the pool when I get there.

At home, I am in my own surroundings, I’m more comfortable, therefore more relaxed. If Neil wants a cup of tea or some toast, he’s free too to go and make it, and he doesn’t have to worry about what shoes to wear, something he wishes he’d given more thought to when we were in hospital while I was having Jake.

At home, if I go into labour in the middle of the night, I don’t have to worry about finding someone to look after the boys, they can stay asleep in bed and hopefully wake up in the morning to meet their new sibling.

At home, I’m not confined to visiting hours. If I give birth in the early hours, Neil doesn’t have to go home and leave us. The boys can meet their new sibling when I want them to, not when the hospital says they can.

At home, I can have my music on and not have to worry about whether I’ve brought enough batteries with me.

At home, I will hopefully (providing I don’t give birth before JUly 29th – as she is on holiday until then) have my community midwife with me. Someone I’ve learned to get on with, someone I know I’m comfortable with, and someone I know I can trust. Who I’ve spoken about my birth plan with, who I know is on board with my wishes.

At home, after I’ve given birth, I know that I can have a bacon sandwich if I want with *proper* coffee (or maybe even a sneaky glass of bubbly) rather than chewy hospital toast with cheap nasty coffee.

Those are some of my reasons why I’m determined to make it happen this time. This is our last baby so I won’t have this opportunity again.

If I tell you I’m planning a home birth, I’m not asking for your approval or acceptance, I’m simply telling you.

Yes, I know things can go wrong. I know I may end up in hospital anyway, and if I NEED to I absolutely will. I’m not willing to put myself or baby at risk. I’m a lot of things, but stupid isn’t one of them.



Home birth – 3rd Time Lucky?

I’ve always wanted a home birth. It was planned with Jake. We had the appointment for the midwife to come and deliver the magic box at 37 weeks, but I had a bleed at 35, and so the doctors decided that they didn’t want me to go overdue just in case my placenta was failing, and I was to be induced. With Zack, I didn’t even get as far as suggesting it. My consultant (I was consultant led due to having my thyroid removed) needed convincing about me using the Birth Centre instead of the Delivery Suite, but when I had *that* scare, even Birth Centre was off, and Delivery Suite it was.

I know now, after spending a LOT of time researching things, that actually, I could have still had a home birth if I wanted to. They aren’t allowed to say no, but it would be against medical advice, and a Supervisor of Midwives would come and explain the risks to you.

Ultimately, they have a duty of care to attend you. The Nursing and Midwifery Council says ‘Should a conflict arise between service provision and a woman’s choice for place of birth, a midwife has a duty of care to attend her… Withdrawal of a home birth service is no less significant to women than withdrawal of services for a hospital birth.’

And so, this time, pregnancy number 3, and once again I have brought up the subject of home birth. I never started this pregnancy wanting a home birth particularly. To be completely honest, I thought it was beyond the realms of possibility being consultant led. But then she said she would discharge me back to midwife led care at 36 weeks providing my second growth scan was fine, and I had no reason to believe it wouldn’t be, seeing as Zack’s birth weight was a healthy 7lb 4oz. So I started the research, and then I chatted to Neil, and I we decided that we would give it a go this time, so I joined some home birth groups on Facebook, and I reserved a birthing pool. I’ve chatted to my midwife, who is fully on board, although she suggests the the SOM will still want to talk to me about risks as I’m not *normal* due to my thyroid issue, but doesn’t see it as being a problem.

I should stress the point here – I AM NOT ANTI HOSPITAL BIRTH. I’ve had two healthy babies delivered in hospital, with two very different labours, and I am grateful for that. I am however, pro home birth.

Yes, I know there are *risks*. But don’t we take risks every day? Every time we cross the road, we risk getting run over. Every time we get in the car, we risk having a crash. We go to a shopping centre, we risk a bomb going off, etc etc blah blah. But you  know what? Most of the time, we are okay. If I need to transfer to hospital for any reason, we are literally a five minute drive away. It would be quicker to get Neil to put me in the car and drive there than to wait for an ambulance.

I have carefully thought about it, weighed up the pros and cons and decided that this time, home birth is the better option for me, for my family, and it’s going to take a lot for me to be convinced otherwise.